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Who is Hands of JoyA wife and mother, Joy spent 25 years in the corporate world before discovering the healing arts in 2009 when she was attuned to Reiki.  In mere weeks, she felt compelled to leave the concrete jungle and started her business ‘Hands of Joy’.  The name denotes the universal love that is Reiki, combined with relaxation Massage.

In the years that followed, Joy sought ways to expand her knowledge while growing personally and spiritually.  This included many forms of Massage, the Australia Bush Flower Essences, continuing her Reiki practice and incorporating Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping).

Joy has always used essential oils as the cornerstone of her practice, always looking for the highest quality to share with her clients, primarily for their relaxation, stress reduction and pain relieving properties.  When she was introduced to doTERRA in 2013, she experienced what she now knows as ‘the doTERRA difference’ with trusted, pure oils, unrivalled on purity, potency and price.

In offering doTERRA’s oils to clients, family, friends and using them personally, she witnessed time and again nature’s medicine cabinet at work, helping people physically, mentally and emotionally.  Not surprising, Joy was soon learning ‘which oil do we use for that’ any time a client had a question or something needed healing in the home. She felt such gratitude for their healing gifts that she ‘just had to share them’.

With a desire for service and balance in her life, Joy works part-time for the Older Women’s Network Queensland, a community organisation that is committed to promoting the rights, dignity and well being of older women.  As a passionate doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Joy has relinquished some of her clinic time to sharing natural solutions, teaching others how simple it is to take care of family health by incorporating certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Whether it’s reducing chemicals when cleaning your home, making a more natural choice for your skin and hair care, adding awesome flavour and health benefits to the food you prepare, or soothing physical or emotional hurts; doTERRA has provided Joy with a home for her unique gifts and talents which she shares from the holistic platform that is Hands of Joy.

She would love the opportunity to share how you too can become ‘the healer in your home’ and fully supports her personal product users and customers and mentors those who seek to share doTERRA’s wellness philosophy.

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