CPTG essential oils can be used in a number of ways including topically, internally and aromatically. For those new to essential oils, while you don’t have to understand the delicate chemical components in pure essential oils to enjoy them, it is important to know their healthful benefits can be diminished when they are heated.

Aromatic use of essential oils is probably the easiest method to enjoy your oils. Just twist off the lid and inhale direct from the bottle, add a drop or two to cupped hands and breathe in or use a diffuser in your home or workplace.

The two main purposes for diffusing essential oils are to alter mood or emotion and to kill germs, bacteria and viruses that linger in common areas.

Ultrasonic diffusing (cold) is recommended for CPTG essential oils as this technology does not involve a heat source that will destroy the delicate chemical constituents in the oils. Using CPTG oils in a traditional candle oil burner or electric burner will still yield a fragrance, but diminish the therapeutic value.

Diffusing creates negative ions which naturally help to eliminate viruses and bacteria. When you add your chosen essential oils to a diffuser you get the bonus of negative ions and the health benefits of those oils combined in a fine mist that is readily available to breathe in. Diffusing requires just a couple of drops of oil and so you can better regulate the use of your oils and not waste them as in an oil burner or reed diffuser. The residue of vapour falls onto surfaces and helps dispel odours and kill germs.

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